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Airin's Notes

Category: Email 🠪 Servers
Allow IP to send email to Exchange Online account
December 2, 2023

Login to Microsoft 365 Defender: Policies & rules --> Threat policies --> Anti-spam policies

Edit the "Connection filter policy (Default)" or make a new rule to allow the IP address(s).

An example error:
Message Delivery Failure. Attempt (0): Could not connect to mail server for domain. The remote mail server could not be contacted at this time. Message has been requeued.

Keywords: Email, E-Mail, 365, Hosted, Whitelist, Allow

Category: Email 🠪 Servers
Email Backup and Restore - Gmail and others
June 20, 2024

Mailstore Personal is free. Recommended by Steve Gibson
This can backup many different email services,, Yahoo, IMAP, POP3, Outlook

This free utility isn't easy to use, but can backup and restore data to/from gmail accounts, and preserves labels. It can restore MBOX files taken from Google Takeout.

You can also use Thunderbird or Outlook to set up two accounts, and manually backup all folder...<Too long, click to read the rest>

Category: Email 🠪 Servers
Exchange Server Health Checker Powershell Script
December 2, 2023


Category: Email 🠪 Servers
Gmail App Specific Password Page
February 20, 2024

Category: Email 🠪 Servers
Google Workspace - Add free account for Admin
November 30, 2023

These steps let you add free accounts (without email access) that you can set as Administrator.

Keywords: Gmail, Google Workspace, Free, Superuser, admin, license

Category: Email 🠪 Servers
Google Workspace - Redirect specific matching emails, incoming or outgoing
November 29, 2023

Google Admin --> Apps --> Google Workspace --> Gmail --> Compliance --> Content Compliance

Keywords: Forward, Delete, Redirect, Gmail, Google Apps, Email, Block

Category: Email 🠪 Servers
hMailServer - Free + Open Source
November 27, 2023

Category: Email 🠪 Servers
Microsoft 365 Exchange - Outlook asking for password - Something went wrong [1001]
November 24, 2023
sfc /scannow

Another possible fix:
I deleted the GUID key from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Identity\Identities
Rebooted, worked after that

Keywords: Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, 365, Email, Password, Needs Updating

Category: Email 🠪 Servers
Microsoft Exchange Online - Create Catchall Account
December 1, 2023

1: Change domain to "Internal relay"
2: Create Distribution Group with all accounts in it (or use Dynamic Group).
3: Create mailbox (probably a Shared mailbox) for catchall.
4: Create a rule to move all messages to catchall account if the recipient is NOT a part of above group.

keywords: catch-all

Category: Email 🠪 Servers
Migrate from local Exchange to Microsoft 365
November 29, 2023

It is best to do this over a long weekend, if possible.
Make a backup of Exchange first.
Export Public Folders to PST
Start migration using Microsoft 365, from Exchange Admin, use Migration feature.

Keywords: Office 365, Exchange Online

Category: Email 🠪 Servers
Migrate to Cloud Email Service
November 30, 2023

Migrate to Microsoft:

Keywords: Google Gmail, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange Online, Hosted Exchange, Outlook

Category: Email 🠪 Servers
Office 365 won't allow SMTP from mail client
November 29, 2023

You need to enable SMTP sending from Microsoft 365 Admin Center
Go to User list, click on a user. Click on Mail tab, then Manage email apps, then check Authenticated SMTP.

Keywords: SMTP, Send Mail, Email, Authentication, OATH2, Thunderbird

Category: Email 🠪 Servers
Online Email Services
June 22, 2024
ProtonMail - 500MB Free, limited app support without Paid version. Great encryption + Security

Google Gmail - 15GB free, great app support, limited privacy

Hotmail /

Yahoo Mail - Free SMTP server for 1000 per month, paid for more

ProtonMail - 4 Euros per month for realistic features

iCloud - It does allow a custom domain name with paid ...<Too long, click to read the rest>

Category: Email 🠪 Servers Email via IMAP/POP3
December 1, 2023

Login to the account, go to Account Info. It should redirect you to AT&T.
Scroll down to "Manage secure mail key", create a special password to use for IMAP/POP3

Category: Email 🠪 Servers
Stop Outlook from putting Meeting Invitations on the Calendar
November 27, 2023

The only working solution I found is to do this on Exchange Admin Center (for all users on the domain).
Go to Mail Flow --> Rules
Add a rule: Is message type 'Calendaring'
Redirect the message to other user, or delete the message.
This will have the effect that the user will NOT be able to see the meeting request. If you redirect it to another user, they will be able to see it, AND it will show up on their calendar.

Keywords: Outlook, Exchange,...<Too long, click to read the rest>

Category: Email 🠪 Servers
Yahoo blocking emails
January 23, 2024

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
Your message couldn't be delivered. Despite repeated attempts to contact the recipient's email system it didn't respond.
Contact the recipient by some other means (by phone, for example) and ask them to tell their email admin that it appears that their email system isn't accepting connection requests from your email system. Give them the error details shown below. It's likely that the recipient's email admin...<Too long, click to read the rest>

This site is meant to be used as a reference for myself, although others may find it useful. I use it to keep track of certain fixes, software, and other solutions which I may need while assisting customers. The page layout is pure HTML/CSS and is kept simple to optimize loading time and fast results.

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