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Airin's Notes

Category: Hardware 🠪 Electronics
BIOS Keys to get to Setup Screens
December 2, 2023

This lists the most common keys to enter the BIOS after power on.

From windows admin command prompt, this should get you into bios setup (maybe only on UEFI?):
shutdown /r /fw /f /t 0

Acer: F2 or DEL
ASRock: F2 - - F11 for Boot menu
ASUS: F2 for all PCs, F2 or DEL for motherboards
Dell: F12 or F2
HP: ESC or F10
Lenovo: F2 or Fn + F2
Lenovo (Desktops): F1
Lenovo (ThinkPads): Enter + F1.
MSI: DEL for motherboards and PCs
Microsoft Surface Tablets: Press and hold volume up button.
Origin PC: F2
Samsung: F2
Sony: F1, F2, or F3
Toshiba: F2

Keywords: Bios, Setup, Configuration, Startup, UEFI, Boot

Category: Hardware 🠪 Electronics
Chromeos Asus CN62 + CN60 - Install other OS
May 9, 2024

Remove write protect screw (silver screw near headphone jack)
Hold Recovery button (with paperclip) while powering on
Press CTRL-D
Press recovery button when prompted
wait for awhile for it to enable Developer mode
get to login screen
CTRL-ALT-F2 to get command line
cd; curl -LOk && sudo bash
Install UEFI Firmware

After a couple reboots, if it's stuck on glitched graphics for a few minutes, put in US...<Too long, click to read the rest>

Category: Hardware 🠪 Electronics
Drone Info
November 29, 2023

Map of exclusion areas:

Map of height limits

Category: Hardware 🠪 Electronics
NPN Transistors
December 2, 2023

This site is meant to be used as a reference for myself, although others may find it useful. I use it to keep track of certain fixes, software, and other solutions which I may need while assisting customers. The page layout is pure HTML/CSS and is kept simple to optimize loading time and fast results.

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