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Airin's Notes

Category: Hardware 🠪 Laptop
Chromebook - Reinstall OS / NVRAM Error
August 13, 2022

If there is an error during startup, hit Tab to show the detailed error information.

Boot into recovery mode: Hold ESC and Reload (circle) keys when powering on, keep holding until something appears on the screen.

Error during startup or recovery: "The security module on this device is not working"
This solution did work for me on an Acer:

At the restore screen, with the AC plugged in, press Refresh + Power (the screen will go black), WHILE holding those buttons in, unplug the AC. Let go of Refresh + Power. The screen might come back on at this point, but it will shut off automatically. If it worked, you won't be able to power the unit back on with the power button. Plug in the AC, and the unit should power back on.

Category: Hardware 🠪 Laptop
HP Laptop Won't boot after BIOS Upgrade
August 14, 2022

Power off, hold Windows+B, power on and keep holding for 20+ seconds.
Power off, hold Windows+V, power on and keep holding for 20+ seconds.
Power off, hold all 4 arrow keys, power on and keep holding for 20+ seconds.

Unplug power and battery, disassemble and reset CMOS

Keywords: Bios, Upgrade, Update, black screen, froze, freeze

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