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Airin's Notes

Category: Hardware 🠪 Drives
Check Hard Drive SMART status
November 26, 2023

wmic diskdrive get Model,DeviceID,InterfaceType,SerialNumber,Size,status

wmic /namespace:\\root\wmi path MSStorageDriver_FailurePredictStatus

Keywords: Hard Drive, Disk, SSD, Solid State Drive, Failure, Failing, Serial Number

Category: Hardware 🠪 Drives
Drive Recovery Software
March 2, 2024


HxD - Hex viewer:

Klennet Cutter - Recover files and pictures from damaged/formatted drives, paid

UFS Explorer



Category: Hardware 🠪 Drives
Drive Utilties
December 1, 2023

Perform a quick benchmark of a hard drive using ReadSpeed

If a SSD has slow performance on one section compared to another, run Spinrite level 2/3 on it. Same for a hard drive with abnormally slow performance.

Fix drive errors with corruption and slow performance (not for hardware defects)
Spinrite from

After running Spinrite on level 3 or higher on a SSD, use the following Windows 10 command to force a recalculation of TRIM:
Optimize-Volume -DriveLe...<Too long, click to read the rest>

Category: Hardware 🠪 Drives
Imaging Tools
December 2, 2023

These tools let you clone/image your drive for free. These are useful when migrating from a Hard Drive HDD to Solid State Drive SSD.

Macrium Reflect Free

EaseUS Todo Backup

Category: Hardware 🠪 Drives
Perform TRIM on Windows 10 SSD
January 14, 2024

Run this from an elevated Powershell window:
Optimize-Volume -DriveLetter C -retrim -verbose

Keywords: Wipe, Solid State Drive, Trim, Erase

Category: Hardware 🠪 Drives
Professional Data Recovery Services
May 2, 2024

As of yet, I don't have any personal experience with any of these companies.

Meridian: Northwest Data Recovery

Boise and Meridian: File Savers

Mail in services:

Keywords: Hard Drive, Click of death, failed, SSD, Memory Card, SD Card, MicroSD

Category: Hardware 🠪 Drives
Recover Data from Drives
March 8, 2024

TestDisk -

Recuva - Search for deleted/corrupted/formatted files/directories

SpinRite - Fix low level issues

UFS Explorer


HDD Raw Copy Tool

Keywords: Recover, Corrupt, Hard Drive, HD, Disk, Disc, Filesystem, NTFS, FAT32, MBR

Category: Hardware 🠪 Drives
Wipe free space in Windows
November 29, 2023

Wipe free hard drive space, run this from an Admin Command Prompt:
cipher /w:c:

Keywords: Secure Erase, Wipe, Destroy, Sanitize, Drive, Disk, SSD, HDD, Hard Drive

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